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Sony believes 71% of gamers want 3D

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Maybe I’m trapped in my own little world and can’t get out, not that I want to really, but recent claims by Nu Metro on twitter stating that the majority of people prefer blockbusters in 3D and now Sony are claiming that 71% of gamers surveyed said they would prefer to game in 3D are just a little too hard to believe.

Yes I would love for all my movies to be in 3D and all my games to be 3D enabled but only if the 3D effects could be viewed without those glasses.

The glasses always take me out of the experience after a short time and I now find myself purposefully booking the 2D movies and just ignoring the 3D ability of games.

But at a recent developer conference a Senior Director at Sony Computer Entertainment, Mick Hocking, has stated that Nielsen themselves have found that 71% of gamers have said that they want to play their games in 3D and that the sale of 3D TV’s is currently ahead of where HDTV’s where at the same time.

They also expect that by 2015 3D TV’s will make up 40-50% of the market.

So am I completely out of touch here and do you want 3D gaming?

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Last Updated: July 22, 2011

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