Sony Dominate In Europe, Refuse To Lower Price

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A press release that came in from Ster Kinekor this week is showing that Sony is confident that they are the dominant console in Europe, stating that they have:

“moved to dispel Microsoft claims that Xbox is outselling the PS3 in Europe, revealing internal figures that say its console has sold 300,000 more units than Xbox 360 in PAL territories.”

Sony have confirmed that they are happy with the current state of the console as well as it’s pricing, poking a stick at Microsoft’s strategy of price dropping saying, also stating the following:

“And the company doesn’t feel it has to follow Microsoft and further ignite consumer interest with a price cut of its own anytime soon.”
“SCEE president David Reeves told MCV that Sony will remain focused on the value offered by the PS3 and its extra functions and services – at its current £299 SRP.”

Sounds like good news for Sony but is this bad news for the consumer? More about Sony’s pricing strategy, after the jump.

David Reeves also had the following to say with regards to the pricing of the console:

“No we are not going to go down in price; neither are we going to go down in price on PS3 in spring time either. Absolutely not, whatever you might have heard to the contrary,” he said – referring to purported ‘leaks’ from a Sony meeting two weeks ago that claimed Sony had a price cut planned for March ‘09.

“When we came into the industry we started at zero. And we had to have a model that offered price elasticity. As soon as we got the manufacturing price down on PSOne we lowered the price. Same with PS2. But we’re not doing that on PS3 – that’s not the model, even if people are expecting it.”

That pretty much confirms that Sony may never drop the price of the PS3 at all. Although I can’t say that I believe that they would keep the price the same well into the next couple of years, surely there will be a price drop? I find it hard to tell from these statements whether or not Sony will ever leave room for the idea in future.

The Playstation 3 is definitely starting to show it’s power in the world and as great as this news may be for both Sony and it’s fanbase, I do still find it somewhat unsettling that Sony are pushing so hard to reassure the world that they will not be doing anything to drop the price.

This is not good news for anyone who has been saving to buy a Playstation 3 but was in the hope that their may be a price drop soon. The bad news is that you will have to save a little longer, the good news is that once you do finally buy one, you can at least rest easy knowing that the product is well supported.

What do you guys think? Is Sony taking the right approach or do you find their statements to be a little unsettling?

Last Updated: December 5, 2008

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