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Sony don’t want mid-cycle console upgrades to last

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Sony doesn't want mid-cycle upgrades to last 2

Consoles are in an evolving state at the moment. At E3 Microsoft revealed Scorpio – a ludicrously more powerful console that looks like a mid-cycle upgrade (or full blown new console, who knows)- while Sony remained silent over their own iteration, the PlayStation NEO. Unlike Scorpio, the NEO (from what we know) looks more like a small improvement rather than a massive leap, and it’s a strategy Sony already isn’t too comfortable with becoming the norm.

Speaking during an investors call with Dualshockers was privy to, Sony’s Andrew House stated that this is the first time the company has ever considered an upgrade like this during their console cycle. Re-iterating again that it would not affect the life-span of the PS4, House continued by stating his ambivalence towards the strategy becoming common. He ended off by stating that Sony has no plans to turn iterative upgrades into a regular strategy, meaning the NEO could already just be a once-off deal.

House acknowledged that other technology industries have adopted rapid life cycles to their products, referring to the smartphone market specifically. According to him (and lining up with reason), consoles are not in that space – and Sony isn’t targeting to be there anytime soon.

Which all makes a lot of sense, but again begs the question as to why the NEO exists anyway. Sony, with 40 million consoles plus on the market, really don’t need the market share here. Microsoft on the other hand needed a shake-up, and I’m still holding onto the thought that Scorpio is less mid-console upgrade and more a radical new product that will manage to retain their current market while essentially being a new platform altogether.

Sony isn’t talking about what they want the NEO to be, and it’s really hurting now. Leaks have still poised the console to be coming out by the end of the year, so hopefully we’ll know more very soon.


Last Updated: July 1, 2016

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