Sony engineer lashes Kinect

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Sony’s Move faceman, Anton Mikhailov, has been chatting to about all things Move and Kinect related and has stated in no uncertain terms that he isn’t a massive fan of Kinect.

This can be expected since he is one of the men responsible for the Kinect’s biggest competitor but at the same time he isn’t really giving an opinion he is stating technological facts which can’t just be ignored.

He starts off with

“the PlayStation Eye camera runs at 60 frames per second so it can track you very quickly whereas the Kinect and other depth camera are only 30 frames per second. So they are more suited for slower motions.”

He does then say that Kinect is acceptable for dancing games and is perfect for yoga games but then heads back into the fray with

“Marketing-wise they’re minor tech problems, technologically-wise they’re quite big”

“The fact that it runs at 30 frames per second instead of 60, that’s a common problem with all those cameras. It’s actually hard to fix because you have a lot of data to transport. Sort of working with that image is expensive computationally-wise. I think they quoted something like 10-15 per cent of the Xbox resources, plus like 50 megs of memory or something like that. The Move takes less than 1%, and like 1 megabyte.”

And it’s not only the frame rate that he has an issue with

“Another issue is resolution; it’s a 320×240 camera as far as I’ve heard and the out-to is 640×480 so neither of those are particularly hot resolutions but you can take what you can get. I mean, a lot of webcams now are 720p, etc. but the reality is those cameras are much more expensive and they’re running again at lower frame-rates. So when you do a bunch of this maths, like, the resolution I think is too low, I think the frame-rate is too low, and I think some materials are still a problem.”

Wait what? Apparently he also has a problem with what you are wearing at times while playing Kinect

“so for example you’re wearing a black shirt so the camera when it looks at you it sees black because no light is being reflected back at it. So infra-red is just another band of light and there are objects that are black in the infra-red spectrum. They’re not the same objects that are black right now but for example, like, leather tends to have I think – it’s newer or older leather – one of those in infra-red black and some denim jeans are infra-red black. I think those really shiny ones? And some are reflective so either you get things that are just missing from the image or you get things that are shining brightly and are hard to understand.”

So it’s not like he doesn’t think Kinect is good but the frame rate is to low, the resolution isn’t up to scratch and you can’t wear whatever you want because of the infrared camera. But apart from that he thinks the Kinect isn’t that bad, but the PlayStation Eye can do everything it does and more.

Check the full interview through the link below.

Source: Videogamer

Last Updated: November 30, 2010

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