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Sony hands out free PS4’s to journalists at their NY event

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Where's mine? waaaaaaaaa

There was this fantastic Sony PlayStation 4 event held in New York city a few days back where they went all out to showcase the wonder of PlayStation and to announce the last remaining features to the world.

Unfortunately we weren’t invited and I’m not sure if anyone locally made it so we can’t bring you any early access but one interesting thing that appears to have occurred at the event is that Sony is rumoured to have given everyone there a brand spanking new PlayStation 4 along with an extra controller, the PS4 camera and 8 launch titles.

As soon as IGN’s Scott Lowe tweeted the following.

 The accusations of Sony buying our the press began and really it is totally ignorant in my humble opinion. The idea that a company would not give out free samples of their product that they are banking on for the next 6 years is more worrying than anything else.

If a journalist has your product he will review it and then any other titles that come down, or software updates that happen, will have a higher chance of being reported on.

Is it an attempt to nudge the media in Sony’s direction? Of course it is, there is no doubting that but the real journalists out there won’t let themselves be swayed by something as small as this and will report on it with honesty and integrity.

Unfortunately even though we are now considered to be a large site the fact that we live in South Africa normally means that we don’t get treated like this which is irritating…since who doesn’t like free stuff –  but it’s nothing that we would even contemplate holding against them.

I’m seriously excited to get my PlayStation 4 when they hit retail and when I can afford one. Mind you I feel the same about the Xbox One because I have this weird addiction to gaming.

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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