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Sony has sold 80 million PlayStation 3’s

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Remember back when the PlayStation 3 launched? Microsoft’s console had already been out for a year, and was a pretty damned good value proposition compared to the ludicrously expensive console from Sony. The PlayStation Network sucked and Multiplatform PS3 games were comparatively terrible and Sony’s future seemed pretty bleak. How far we’ve come.

According to Sony, they’ve reached a pretty nice milestone and have sold their 80 millionth PlayStation 3. Microsoft, funny enough, announced the same milestone just last month. Factor in the fact that the PlayStation 3 was released a year later and a quite plain to see that Sony’s console is outselling Microsoft’s quite significantly.

It;s something I think will continue to happen. The Xbox 360 has been my primary console this generation, but in the last few years, the PlayStation has not only caught up in games and features, but has actually exceeded the 360. It really all started to go in Sony’s favour with the release of the slimmer, and rather importantly, cheaper PlayStation 3. PlayStation Plus, as just a further example, offers so much more value than Xbox Live and there are of course, the myriad exclusives you’ll find only on PlayStation; games like the Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls. Pity it has such a terrible controller.

The Xbox 360, with its lack of killer exclusives seems to have petered out in the final stretch, while the PlayStation 3 still has one huge heavy hitter in the tank; Gran Turismo 6. I think when the current generation is done and dusted Sony could well be the winner, ahead even of Nintendo and its Wii, which has very nearly stopped selling at all.

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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