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Sony is about to enter the cloud

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There is a storm brewing

The rumour mill has been swirling recently about a possible collaboration behind online cloud gaming service, OnLive, and Sony at E3 this year. However the rumours have just been kicked up a notch with the latest one being that Sony is going to buy them outright.

But why would Sony want to buy a cloud gaming service when they have yet to make any real mark in the gaming world and which has very little chance of being a true competitor to Sony anytime soon?

Well because it goes a lot deeper than simple cloud gaming, what Sony is rumoured to be targeting is an entire cloud entertainment gateway that will be integrated into every single one of their smart devices moving forward.

Onlive.. or someone elseThis means that you can destroy the next alien invasion on your PS4 before heading out and picking up where you left off on your PS Vita while taking the bus to work. But we’ve heard that before I hear you say.

Well what about watching the latest Grey’s Anatomy on the way home from work on your Sony android phone and as you get home you turn on your Sony TV and continue where you left off on that or turn over to the PS4 where you have set it to automatically record the series and wind back a bit to watch that bit you missed when someone noticed you were watching Grey’s Anatomy.

Or while sitting with a group of friends at the pub and hearing about the nudity in Game of Thrones for the first time so you whip out your PS Vita, take a quick look at what you’ve been missing from the online catalogue and then tell your PS4 to download the series for you to watch when you get home later that night.

Total integration is what Sony are rumoured to be going for and with the steady move away from computers they may actually have a chance to catch a jump on Microsoft, especially if they stop thinking they can program this stuff themselves and rather just acquire the technology.

So do you think this is all pie in the sky stuff or can Sony actually pull it off in this generation?

Last Updated: May 31, 2012

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