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Sony is giving Hideo Kojima “a lot of freedom” for Death Stranding

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What is Death Stranding? An anagram for Hated Ring Strand? A trailer for Trainspotting 2? The Whaling Dead? It looks weird as f*** right now, with some internet theories pointing towards creator Hideo Kojima working on a game that makes players build some kind of futuristic masturbation spacesuit. It’s also the kind of game that Kojima probably would never be allowed to work on at his former company, Konami. A publisher and developer whose Christmas card list he certainly isn’t on, after that nasty spat over Metal Gear Solid V last year.

Fortunately, Sony felt like taking a gamble, as they gave Kojima carte blanche to crank out some weirdness. “For our first title, I wanted to make sure we would be in the best conditions,” Kojima said via Gameblog France, VG 247 and Google Translate.

I have great relationship with Sony,[which allows] me to concentrate on the creative part. Working with another partner, [they] would surely ask for more time on ancillary tasks. We would have taken time for contracts, and I do not think that things would have been as quick. Working with Sony also brought me a lot of freedom, and support has been exceptional.

Fun fact: Sony didn’t even need Kojima to pitch them an idea. They just wanted him hanging around, doing what he does best: Making people wonder what Norman Reedus is up to Making games:

With Sony, of course I explained to them my approach, but they immediately said: ‘Go ahead, do what you gotta do.’ They offer me their trust. All the energy you need to put in the preparation of a project, I was able to focus on creating. This makes a real difference.

I’m still trying to figure out what the mad developer is up to. So far, I’ve calculated that Death Stranding is a sequel to a throwaway scene from Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.

Definitely that.

Last Updated: June 20, 2016

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