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Sony Nazi Ads “Fake”

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Remember those intriguingly bizarre, yet wholly inappropriate Chilean Nazi Sony adverts we posted about recently? Turns out they’re fake.

Well, not fake in that they’re counterfeit, but fake in that they were never approved by Sony, and were in fact a mock ad campaign created by BBDO Chile, who then – like complete jackasses – submitted them to creative competitions without Sony’s knowledge or approval.

This creative design did not involve and was never approved by Sony Computer Entertainment or Sony. This "mock campaign" was developed by BBDO Chile staff and was submitted to various creative competitions/festivals without prior notification or approval from SCE/Sony, and it is not representative of the views or advertising policies of SCE/Sony. BBDO Chile apologizes for using this creative concept without authorization or prior approval, and for its misrepresentation of the PlayStation brand and its values.

So Sony’s not completely lost its grasp on reality, and aren’t condoning a regime that characterised itself with racism, genocide, and general douchebaggery. We’re sorry we called you out Sony. We still love you. Do you still love us?

[Thanks to RSA-Ace for the tip]

Source : Engadget

Last Updated: October 2, 2009

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