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Sony planning a massive PS Vita push at E3

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I’ve not left anyone in doubt about my doubts of the usefulness of the PS Vita, I really see no purpose for the device at all. However Sony believes differently and if two different rumours are to be believed this morning they are seeing the PS Vita as a big part of the PlayStation future.

First up we have the official PlayStation 4 site now being branded with the much rumoured PS4 remote play ability. The exact wording being

Play your favorite PS4™ games on your PlayStation®Vita’s beautiful 5-inch display using Remote Play.

Now that still doesn’t confirm that all games will be enabled with Remote Play but PSMania have picked up that Killzone: Shadow Fall will be one of the first titles to utilise this functionality.


It’s a neat trick to keep gaming while heading to the bathroom but I’m still not convinced that it’s a system seller. Not at that price tag.

The second rumour for the day is that Andrew Reiner, Editor of Game Informer, has tweeted out

Sounds like Vita might have a surprisingly big show at E3

Unfortunately without more details we really can’t be sure what’s going to be shown but one of the possible big titles is Panopticon

So are you in the Vita fan park or are you also unsure of it’s possible success?

Last Updated: May 17, 2013

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