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Sony PlayStation3 ads – Why? / What?

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 Okay I recently blogged about the new PS3 ad that is being flighted and how bad I found them to be.. I was then told that maybe I should do some more investigating before just passing them off as bad advertising….

So I did :), the advertising firm running these new PS3 ads is TBWA, who happen to be the same guys who did the PS2 ads and are supposed to  be the brains behind the Nandos ads as well… The good old ones not the new ones.

Anyway here is the basic principal behind the PS3 EU ads…

The ads are part of an entire campaign and include 40 different pieces of content set around a mysterious hotel with 6 residents.

The lady on the toilet is called Cherry and she is meant to be a naive but ambitious Swede. You then have Bubba, A Haitian refugee who works at reception and Lieutenant Kovac who is a mercenary.

All these ads will combine to makea film called “Meltdown” which will be released in 3 parts.

Firstly as a 60 second TV and cinema spot, and then as a 3 minute version on the web and finally as a 6 minute version on DVD in various magazines. It will then also be flighted on TV and cinema.

So that is it in a nutshell….

Tony McTear, creative director of TBWA\LONDON, said: “This is a totally new audience to any previous launch. It’s an audience that expect and demand interactive and challenging entertainment. This Is Living is a truly big idea that delivers across multiple channels as well as multiple countries.”

For a more indepth breakdown follow the link.

Do you now feel the adverts are better knowing this? I still think they are terrible but I am only one person…

Link to Sony PlayStation3 gets in character for new ads

Last Updated: March 22, 2007

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