Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360 and the PS3 wins?

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Yeah I finally found a review where the guy actually recommends getting the PS3 at the end of it…

Basically he feels that Microsoft where unlucky to release when they did and now their hardware already looks last-gen while the PS3 looks to be perfect.

This is all about HDMI and Blu-Ray, what he does seem to miss is that you can get 1080 through the Xbox 360 using a VGA cable and most top end Plasma’s and LCD’s have VGA inputs. That kind of kills the HDMI excuse.

Also since I have yet to see a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD title available to rent in SA it really doesn’t do anything for me.

Not to mention my poor little SDTV couldn’t care less about HD at the moment..

Anyway it’s worth a read at least

Link to Matthew Gough on Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360 Arguments: billon $ toy on Product Reviews Net

Last Updated: June 20, 2007

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