Sony says its network has not been hacked

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Last week, reports of widespread hacking of 2K, PSN and Microsoft accounts made us all change our password for what must be the eleventh time this year. While 2K and Microsoft have yet to issue any statements, Sony has – saying there’s no evidence its networks have been breached.

“We have investigated the claims that our network was breached and have found no evidence that there was any intrusion into our network,” Sony told the chaps from Joystiq.  “Unfortunately, Internet fraud including phishing and password matching are realities that consumers and online networks face on a regular basis. We take these reports very seriously and will continue to monitor our network closely.”

Of course, that doesn’t mean that the thousands of accounts that have been leaked aren’t the real thing. Sony implies that they have been gained through phishing, brute force attacks or social engineering, and absolutely not a all, in any way, a result of a breach of its network. Of course, that’s the same sort of thing they said back in 2011 before they fessed up to their network being cracked wide open in a 24-day long outage that say the system spilling out the details of 77 million registered PlayStation Network accounts.

While it’s quite probable that Sony’s PSN hasn’t indeed been hacked – you’d imagine they’ve beefed things up since 2011 – it’s probably prudent to change all of your passwords anyway if you haven;t done so already. You may also want to remove your credit card details from Xbox live and PSN and stick to using pre-paid codes. Yes, it’s a hassle and in an ideal world shouldn’t be necessary  – but it’s worthwhile one. Better safe than sorry, and all of that.

Last Updated: November 24, 2014

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