Sony says “we trust in our creators” in response to violent trailers

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On Monday, Sony showed off a deluge of upcoming PlayStation 4 games at its Paris Games Week conference. There’s been a little controversy surrounding those trailers, especially with The Last of Us Part II and Detroit: Become human. The first showed a brutal, out-of-context scene of women being tormented, and some have seen it as little more than torture porn. The latter showed some iffy domestic and child abuse, and both have been called out for being ill-fitting ways to promote a game.

There’s a distinction to be made, of course, that it doesn’t seem anybody is really calling for that sort of stuff to be excised from their respective games – and within the context of those games those scenes probably slot right in. I’m somewhat in that camp. I think that creators should be able to create whatever they want to – but that people should also be free to criticise those creations – with the caveat here that criticism doesn’t mean condemnation, which is what half the internet seems to believe.

Sony also feels that its creators should be able to make the things they want to make. Speaking to VG247 at PGW, Senior Vice President Michael Denny said that the company puts a lot of trust in its creators.

“We’ve always wanted to have a variety of content, lots of choice, we’ve always wanted to be innovative and sometimes challenge as well,” Denny said. “To have thought-provoking and mature content if it’s handled in the right way and aimed at a mature audience, I think that’s part of PlayStation as well. It always has been that we trust in our creators. It’s about the experience and the game they want to make.

Clearly, we’re involved in producing that and if you’re going to go into areas of challenging content we need to make sure it’s done in an appropriate way as well,” he added. “Part of these things are about playing the game and putting them in context – making sure it’s thought-provoking in the right way.”

You can read a little more, including a direct response about Detroit’s scenes at VG247.

Last Updated: November 1, 2017

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