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Sony’s new ads are hit and miss

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I have really enjoyed Sony’s PS4 ad campaign so far. I loved when they played on our nostalgia, and I was endlessly amused by Hadouken Cabs. But this latest ad seems to fall a bit flat.

Here is the PS4 launch advert titled This Is For The Players:

The ad starts off interesting enough, plenty of easter eggs ranging from Hadouken Cab drivers to a brief glimpse of an assassin climbing up a bus shelter. Unfortunately, it seems to spiral into chaos and actually becomes less interesting. I get particularly irritated when the guy speaking starts to just scream about stuff. Nope, this doesn’t do it for me. In fact, it seems to be trying to show the energy and excitement that we saw with the Xbox invitation ad, but falls short.

I’m sure Sony’s UK-centric  #4ThePlayers campaign is going well. Their focus has been on gamers from the beginning, and even though they also have Netflix and other entertainment apps, their marketing has been strongly focused on gamers rather than those seeing an entertainment system. What do you think, though? Did you enjoy this ad, or find it as boring as Gavin did?

The actual, official launch trailer for the PlayStation 4 is certainly much more interesting. check it out. 

Last Updated: November 16, 2013

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