Sony: The PS4 has better graphics

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Just two short weeks ago, it was easy for Sony to take jabs at Microsoft and its silly DRM and used games restrictions. That’s changed now that Microsoft has dropped its DRM, and Sony has to start fighting properly. And the first sneaky salvo in this renewed battle comes with Sony saying that the PS4 has better graphics than the Xbox One. 

"The reality is that every time a generation changes the playing field is leveled," Senior vice president Guy Longworth said in an interview with Games “We actually think that we’re going to have superior graphic fidelity, but the whole value proposition has to be right."

According to rumoured statistics, the PS4’s GPU is capable of delivering 50% more raw-number crunching goodness than the Xbox One’s – which Microsoft will be leveraging through its use of the cloud.

Beyond that though, both consoles are architecturally rather similar and of course, it’s not just about the shiny graphics.

When it comes to consoles, the number one bit of import is games. which system do you feel has the better games right now?

Last Updated: June 26, 2013

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