Sony to announce a new (non Blu-Ray) PS3 at E3?

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Whether anyone wants to admit it or not the PS3 has been a commercial disappointment so far in this generation and even Sony are now admitting that by saying that they are expecting the PS3 to start improving from this point on.

Following that a new rumour has sprung up that could herald a new dawn for Sony, as the rumour goes we can expect to see a new PS3 model released at E3 this year. This new model could simply be a new colour (silver) or possibly a slimline model.

However one rumour* that I would love to see come true is that Sony releases a cut down PS3 without all the media hub junk and an inability to play Blu-Ray movies… the pay off would be a half price PS3 which would give the sales a real kick in the pants.

If I want to watch movies I am happy to buy a stand alone player and if I want to browse the net I would use my laptop…. all I want from a PS3 is the ability to play games and if they could sell me that ability for R2400 I would snap it up in an instant…

*okay I admit I made this rumour up, I still think it’s a good idea though.

Last Updated: May 13, 2009

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