Sony to have Exclusive Playstation 3 Reveal – Put your Guessing Hats On!

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This year’s Video Game Awards are nearly upon us – and with them we’ll be getting game announcements and sexy new videos of games already revealed. for sony fans though, there’s something to look forward to after the awards.

Sony have sent out word that they’ll be doing an “exclusive PlayStation 3 reveal” the day after the Spike Video Game Awards – and we’ve been advised to save the date. The reveal’s set to go down at 2 PM PT Sunday, December 12 – which is around about midnight of in local time.

Put on those Pachter-supplied prognostication pants and have a guess at what the reveal might be. Most seem to think it’ll be Sly Cooper 4, StarHawk or Uncharted 3 – but a whole, separate press event is a big thing. Could it be an HD Jak and Daxter, or might we finally be getting a look at the rather elusive Agent

Let us know what you think it might be in the comments!

Last Updated: November 22, 2010

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