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Sony : We’ve Captured the Hardcore

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PS3 One of the more bullish comments to come from GDC was Sony’s Hardware Marketing Director John Koller confidently stating that “we’ve captured the hardcore.”

Speaking at GDC, Koller said “We’ve captured the hardcore. The install base we have now tells us that the hardcore’s purchased. We’re moving on now to continue to support them with a tremendous line-up of games, but also look at softer brands that maybe we had with PS2 franchises we’re bringing over to PS3, or new IP.”

He also iterated “There’s certainly a line-up of very strong family-friendly titles that we’re looking at for PS3 in our continuing effort to appeal to that casual consumer,” meaning that we should see a slew of family-friendly titles headed to Sony’s current-gen behemoth.

Of course, it’s current price tag is an obvious hurdle for the casual gaming market – and Sony has to know that. Could a casual gaming push from Sony lead to a cheaper console? I certainly hope so.

Source : VG247

Last Updated: April 21, 2009

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