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Sony’s E3 conference will be on the same day as Microsoft

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Want to know what the most important day is in June for gaming? There are a few contenders for the crown what with E3 happening but there is one day that stands above all others. The 10th of June.

So what’s so important about the 10th of June? Well it was on this day back in 1793 that the first public zoo was opened in Paris. In 1847 the Chicago Tribune started up on this day and in 1915 the Girls Scouts were founded on the 10th of June.

But all of those significant events pale in comparison to June 10th 2013.

On this day we are going to see not one, not two but 4 E3 press conferences held on the same day.

With Sony confirming their date the day now looks like this

  1. Microsoft – 9:30 PST
  2. Ubisoft – 13:00 PST
  3. EA – 15:00 PST
  4. Sony – 18:00 PST

So when we wake up at 6am on the 11th of June all 4 press conferences would have taken place and we’ll be in a much better position to predict who is going to dominate this holiday season.

Last Updated: May 3, 2013

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