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Sony’s irritated that everyone wants to see their box

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Sony had a fantastic reveal of the PlayStation 4 last week that nearly went to perfection; except they had forgotten one thing…to actually show us what the PlayStation 4 looks like.

Now to be honest I didn’t care at all that we didn’t see the PlayStation 4; it was weird that it didn’t arrive but I really didn’t care.

However I appear to be in the minority with a lot of criticism being levelled at Sony for the fact that people still don’t know what the PS4 looks like.

The head of PlayStation UK, Fergal Gara, has let his feelings known to videogamer and they are quite clear

“So right, it wasn’t available to show last night, it wasn’t considered appropriate to show it last night. So what? It’s much more important to see what the damn thing does. The shiniest piece of black, green or purple plastic ever, you know, whatever, so what? It’s not the most important thing.”.


“[There was a] bit of cynicism over ‘we didn’t see the box’ and that kind of stuff, ‘we don’t know quite what date and quite what price’,” Gara said. “I understand that frustration but frankly, a box is a box. Is that really the most important thing?

So yeah he’s obviously bored of answering those questions.

But tell us, do you think Sony stumbled by not showing the black shiny box of power or does it really not matter right now?

Last Updated: February 26, 2013

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