Sony's "Sensitive Fireman" Will Convince Your Significant Other To Buy Move

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Thanks to a mail from Reece, a reader, we are now aware that Sony has done something incredibly awesome. This morning Kevin Butler, VP of all things awesome at Sony, tweeted:


The site allows you to fill in some details on your target loved one, as well as even a picture of you only to have the website generate a hilarious video involving a sensitive fireman doing some personalised sweet-talking.

Once you have watched the awesome video, you can then choose to send it to the person you need to convince, and if they don’t fall for this, I don’t know what will get to them. It wouldn’t be crazy to think that this idea was inspired by the all-too-awesome Old Spice ads featuring Isaiah Mustafa that did their number on the world just over a month ago.

The PS Move is just about out the door now, and with a strong marketing campaign as well as a line-up that targets both the hardcore and casual gamers, Sony may be looking at a very strong opening with it’s new motion-controller.

You can go and make your very own personal video right now by clicking here .

Last Updated: September 8, 2010

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