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Soul Sacrifice will ask players to make painful decisions

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If there’s one thing that game are lacking today, it’s the option of giving players choices that actually matter. Choices never seem to truly resonate with players, and most times, those decisions never leave a player to reflect on what they’ve done, and feel any sort of empathy towards their choice. Keiji Inafune wants to change that apathetic approach though, with his upcoming PS Vita title, Soul Sacrifice.

Speaking to the PS Blog, Inafune elaborated on how players would need to make painful decisions, as part of the regular gameplay, regarding whether or not they should slay or save monsters for the tasks ahead.

“One of the things I want to illustrate is a feeling of guilt, a feeling of complexity,” Inafune said. “So there is sacrificing, but there is also saving. Those are the two extreme choices, the dilemma that you’ll face every time. I want you to make sacrifices, but I also want you to think about saving.”

Perhaps you’re fighting a powerful enemy but you learn that he has a sick daughter that he has to save back home by earning money in battle. When you hear this during the battle, the nice part of you might think about losing so he can save his daughter. But you want to win your battle, too.

So you’ll feel these complex feelings. I wanted to make this a big part of the game. Can you make these extreme choices given the situation?

Inafune believes that several games on the market already contain some of this moral grey area, something that Soul Sacrifice will explore further, even it it isn’t as realistic or sensational as the actions in those games, Inafune said:

The creators of the best games today have realized that they need to do something more than becoming more realistic, more sensational – it’s probably already hit the ceiling. They’re thinking about creating something new by including that emotional aspect.

In thinking globally, in order to compete with the top game creators today, I’ve also had to think about including that emotional aspect. The games I work on will all include that as a big theme.

I’m all for these ideas, but at the same time, to me, it’s just a game. Hell, it’s the reason why I harvested several kinds of Adam out of the little sisters in Bioshock, because to me, they were just digital constructs, and weren’t actually real. But if Inafune can make certain that our actions have repercussions in Soul Sacrifice, something that impacts on the game in a meaningful manner, then he could be on to something.

Soul Sacrifice has no solid release date yet, but it’s expected some time next year.

Last Updated: August 27, 2012

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