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Southern Barbarians make South Africans proud

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We were proud of the Southern Barbarians no matter what happened. However, these latest results make us want to dance for joy – and leads to more questions about the state of our national eSports body.

For those who aren’t familiar with the saga, let me bring you up to date. It all started at the beginning of the year when the MSSA blocked a local team from competing at the ESL using their own flag or country name. We were horrified at this – the South African players had to compete as the Southern Barbarians as they weren’t allowed to even refer to themselves as Team South Africa.

That didn’t stop them, though, they swept the winner’s bracket of the ESL’s Battlefield 4 Conquest Country Championship, learning a lot and gaining valuable experience.

After almost a month of waiting, the finals have been played, and with a score of 3-1 the Southern Barbarians emerged victorious. That’s right, out of all the countries in the world competing at this cup, the team full of South African players (but not allowed to be called the South African team) came out as the best.

All of us are extremely proud of the team – you guys played some excellent Battlefield and we were happy to cheer you on. We just wish that you could have used your country’s name and flag – how incredible will it be to show the world that South Africa has the best Battlefield players and can come out on top at an international tournament? This is the kind of eSports exposure that we need.

Once again I have to question the motives behind blocking the use of Team South Africa. Surely results like this would make everyone proud? The boys should have been waving their flags and showing off that their nationality in a tournament like this. They have been deprived of their national pride thanks to some petty rulings by an organization that has yet to produce results like this. So, Mind Sports South Africa, the ball is in your court – do you finally regret your decisions? Will you finally take a back seat and let players who are obviously leaders in their field help promote South African eSports?

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Last Updated: July 1, 2014

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