Southern Barbarians sweep ESL winner's bracket

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Clean sweep

We have been following the progress of the Southern Barbarians as they’ve progressed through the Battlefield 4 Conquest Country Championship. Yesterday, they played the last match of the Winner’s Bracket, and they’ve shown just how impressive South African eSports can be.

For those who have forgotten, we first heard about the team when they were denied use of the South African flag or name. Yeah, that was a sad day for local eSports when an awesome team like these guys were denied national pride thanks to steps taken by Colin Webster. I wonder if he’s kicking himself now that they are doing so well – wouldn’t it be wonderful if they could actually be referred to as Team South Africa and show off that flag.

The team did exceptionally well, and we were incredibly proud of them when they made it to the top 3. Well, now they have officially swept the winner’s bracket. This means that they have secured their spot in the grand finals, and are one of the top two teams for Battlefield 4 at ESL.

Esl southern barbarians

Now they will face off against either Finland or Sweden. Finland was knocked into the loser bracket early on, by Sweden, and have been battling their way through to now make it to the top 3 – facing off against Sweden again in the loser bracket finals. Will Finland redeem themselves against their Scandinavian neighbors, or will the Swedes be victorious, making the grand finals a repeat of the winner bracket finals?

We are rooting for you guys, and even if you’re called Southern Barbarians for this tournament, you are certainly our South African team. Well done showing the world that South Africa can dominate at an international event!

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Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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