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Soweto Gospel Choir won a Grammy. Why do we care?

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So today’s a big day for both South Africa and gaming and in general thanks to the Soweto Gospel Choir, Civilisation 5 IV and Christopher Tin.

The reason being that Christopher walked up onto stage a few hours ago and collected a Grammy for his work on Baba Yetu, a song from the recently released Civilisation 5. What makes this interesting to me is that this is the first time a piece of music that was produced for a videogame has won a Grammy.

Now you need to remember this as it’s going to be a Trivial Pursuit question one day, the song itself was sung by our very own Soweto Gospel Choir with instrumental backing by the Philharmonic Orchestra.

The song can be seen here in all its glory – and it’s not hard to hear the South African influence.

And if it floats your boat here is Christopher accepting his Grammy

Last Updated: February 14, 2011

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