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Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ venom shock abilities change your approach to combat

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Spider-Man Spider-Man, does whatever a Spider-Man can like unleashing bio-electric venom blasts and gadgets into mobs of hired good who are terrorising New York City wait that’s not how the song goes…is it? Miles Morales may be the newest webhead on the Manhattan block, but unlike Peter Parker he has a few different tricks up his costumed sleeves.

He’s got the basic suite of spider-abilities: Proportionate speed, strength, and agility, but he can also tap into the natural bio-electricity that his body produces and unleash a venom shock that can knock enemies for a six. Combined with his ability to activate light-bending camouflage  and a few new gadgets that have been whipped up, and Miles plays like a completely different web-slinger. Which is exactly what developer Insomniac Games was going for.

“For us, a lot of the Spider-Man core combat was really mano-a-mano, Game director Cameron Christian explained to Game Informer.

You could bounce around, jump and take people down. What Spider-Man is really about is an agile improvisational nature but it was mostly single-target. With the new venom abilities we tried to push AOE with single-target so you’re mixing AOE attacks so that you can really combo those together. We also have new gadgets that we worked to make sure that they complement well with the inversion stew or add enhancements to the combat. We have a whole new set of suit mods or suit enhancements.

Some of those visor mods allow Miles to spot enemy weaknesses and highlight bits of the environment that could come in handy. Only a few weeks left to go then when the PlayStation 5 arrives with several high profile games, backwards compatibility features and its own take on Xbox Game Pass through a PS Plus subscription feature that throws some surprisingly good games your way.

And Spider-Cat.

Last Updated: October 23, 2020

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