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Spotted! Xbox 720 Logo In New Hugh Jackman Film Trailer

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Did Microsoft just out their next-gen console in a movie trailer? That will have to be up to you to decide but all we know is that an Xbox 720 logo does in fact appear in the latest trailer for Hugh Jackman’s new odd futuristic robot fighter, Reel Steel.

The movie takes place in 2020 and features a ton of logo placement, but GameInformer reports that an eagle-eyed reader from GI.com noticed that the Xbox 360 logo doesn’t say 360, but 720 at the 0:46 mark. So is this confirmation that Microsoft are at least going to actually go for the Xbox 720 name for their next console?

The whole idea of going to 720 and then 1080 does kinda work into the fact that those happen to also be names of high-definition resolutions… so who knows. Watch the full trailer after the jump and spot it for yourself.

Last Updated: October 6, 2011

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