SSX is bigger than all previous titles combined

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How big is the world of the upcoming SSX going to be? Well according to the SSX creative director the new title is bigger than all the previous SSX titles combined.

But what’s more SSX is also being inspired by such killer titles as Burnout, Need for Speed and of all things, Plants vs Zombies.

Apparently PvZ was the inspiration behind the inventory system in SSX and Burnout and Need for Speed were both used as ideas when designing tracks.

But that’s not all, apparently Borderlands helped with ideas in the gear system and even World of Warcraft had something to say about the tiering of equipment.

And Black Ops threw it’s hat into the ring with ideas on how to implement betting on events and the like.

It’s rare to see a developer be so open about where they stole ideas from but at the same time it’s nice to see they are not developing in a vacuum and are learning from everyone else that came before them.

I’m starting to get excited about SSX myself as I haven’t played a snow boarding game since Amped on the original Xbox and it’s about time to return to the slopes.

Last Updated: January 24, 2012

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