Star Trek is broken, but “works fine” for devs

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The new Star Trek game, by all accounts, isn’t very good. In fact, it’s pretty much downright awful. On top of that, the game is a glitchy, buggy nigh unplayable mess.Worse is that the PC version of the game is beset by connection issues – unforgivable for a game that’s meant to be played co-operatively. none of that matters though, because according to one of the game’s producers, it works fine for him.

On the game’s official hub on steam, users have been moaning about the game just won’t connect to the servers, make the game’s rather central co-op feature moot. One user, a “Kenneth Lindenbaum,” however says that the game “Works fine for me,” adding that the “Game uses Steam servers.”

Fan favourite Angry Joe did a little digging, finding that Kenneth Lindenbaum has already racked up hundreds of hours of gameplay, and getting achievements for the game as early as January 16 – quite some time before the game’s release. A little further prodding on LinkedIn found that Mr Lindenbaum is actually the senior producer for the game at developer Digital Extremes, making his little addition to the hub just come off a bit cocky.

“Works for me, so YOU must be the problem!” It echoes Adam Orth’s unfortunate “#dealwithit” statement, which may have resulted in him becoming a former Microsoft employee.

Here’s what Angry Joe had to say about it all. Funnily enough, not enough critics have played the game for it to have a Metacritic score – but the user score is disquietingly high, with a number of 10’s, 9’s and similar scores, which has many thinking it’s all a ruse by Namco and Digital Extremes employees to make the game look better than it is.

Destructoid’s Jim Sterling has had similar issues with the game, saying it’s essentially broken. Take a look.

Last Updated: April 26, 2013

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