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Star Wars delayed on the Xbox 360

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Star Wars delayed on the Xbox 360 2

I was taken aback when I saw the news this morning that Microsoft and Lucas Arts had agreed to delay the release of their upcoming Star Wars Kinect title and associated R2-D2 Xbox 360.

Originally expected to release in holiday 2011, say around November time, it has now been pushed out into next year with no solid release date announced.

The official reason for the delay is to allow the developer to realise the full potential of this game, which is PR speak for saying the game is not very good right now and they don’t want to get slaughtered by releasing a half baked cash in.

This is a massive title for Microsoft and you can’t not be worried by it receiving another set back, especially seeing as we first laid eyes on this game at E3 2010 and now we may be looking at an E3 2012 release, for an on rails shooter.

Source: OXM

Last Updated: August 25, 2011

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