Star Wars game gets Uncharted co-writer

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After getting pushed out of leaving Naughty Dog, Amy Hennig grabbed the cool job of creative director on Visceral Games’ Star Wars game. Now, she seems to have picked up some new talent, teasing that there may be even more on the way.

Let’s start with the official news. Using the official unofficial platform for announcements, twitter, Amy Hennig exclaimed that she was thrilled to announce her friend Todd Stashwick would be joining the Star Wars team as a co-writer. Stashwick is an actor, currently doing some unknown work on the PS4 Uncharted game, although you probably know him as Eddie Lee Wilcox on Criminal Minds, or a variety of short roles on TV shows ranging from The Riches to Law and Order to Star Trek: Enterprise. He also showed his commitment to the project on twitter:

Stashwick might not be the only actor to jump on with the new Star Wars project. Hennig showed off her awesome breakfast with friends a couple days before the announcement:

Hmm, so Stashwick joined after sharing coffee and juice with Hennig. Does this mean Nolan North and Dominic Monaghan will also be coming to the dark side? They certainly could add something interesting to the game.

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I suppose we’ll have to wait on those two, but it’s nice to hear about the team getting assembled for the game. I have a lot of faith in Hennig’s creative direction, and I’m amped to see a Star Wars game that is true to the franchise. Now, if only Stashwick would grow an epic mustache to live up to his name.

Last Updated: April 14, 2014

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