Starbreeze’s Storm will be ‘Payday in space’

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One of my favourite developers when it comes to FPS games has to be Starbreeze. They’ve got a solid library of work behind them so far, notably the Riddick games, the first Darkness game and Syndicate which was actually damn good as just a plain shooter. For their next effort though, they’re taking their work on Payday…into SPA-ACE!

Starbreeze quietly announced Cold Mercury back in 2012 without much fanfare or teasenings, but details were kept under lock and key. One snippet of info that was revealed, was that the game would be free to play. No idea if that is still on the development agenda, but I’ll take what I can get.

Now, according to an investor report, Starbreeze has done a fusion dance of sorts, and combined Cold Mercury with a project that Payday developer Overkill Software were working on that had similar ideas. Now operating with the new working title of ‘Storm’, the game has been described as “Payday in space”.

Storm will be a co-operative shooter with a sci-fi bend that "takes advantage of the design we have created in Payday games," the investor pitch reads according to Destructoid.

Hell, consider me sold already. I can just picture a heist in space, with all kinds of exotic gear and cosmic cops trying to knock you out of orbit and other such space-stuff. While Starbreeze works on that behind the scenes, there’s still more content on the way for Payday 2 which has grown a sizeable audience already for the slick and polished product that the studio created.

The studio also swapped guns for siblings in Two Brothers last year, which was just a phenomenal game that’d break your heart at the end and no dammit I’m not crying my face always leaks fluids when it’s hot.

Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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