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StarCraft II Profile: Magiel “enjoy” de Lange

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Magiel “enjoy” de Lange is one of the nine South African players invited to compete in the StarCraft 2 invitational hosted by Megarom and Internet Solutions. He is one of the hand picked players viewed as one of the best in the country and will be competing for that R35 000 prize purse in this year’s biggest StarCraft 2 event, celebrating the launch of the expansion, StarCraft 2 Heart of the Swarm.

The event will feature South Africa’s top StarCraft 2 players, and if you think you’re one of them and haven’t been invited to play, you can enter the Wild Card Qualifier hosted by Polarfluke this weekend and place in the top three. Getting back to de Lange, here’s his player profile that you won’t see on Battle.net.

Magiel de Lange

Biography: Magiel “enjoy” de Lange has been playing StarCraft 2 as a Zerg for about two and a half years. He has been involved in the competitive local scene since 2003 starting with Warcratf 3. de Lange represented South Africa for the MSSA at the IeSF for Warcraft3 in 2010 and started StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty as he returned from Korea in November 2010. de Lange achieved his first 1000 wins as a Zerg on 10 February 2013 on his Battle.net account since StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty launched. In real life he is an IT-Retail Manager for a company “InfoGro”, that also sponsors him with hardware and bandwidth. He is currently part of Deviation Gaming to assist in the road to Grand Masters.

Age: 28

Province: North West

Race: Zerg

Team: Deviation Gaming

Sponsor: InfoGro

Years playing StarCraft: 2

Tournaments competed in: Do Gaming Championships 2011, Do Gaming Championships 2012, Do Gaming League Premier, RealGaming, Polarfluke, ESL

Achievements: 4th place Do Gaming Championships 2012, 4th place Realgaming, 2nd place Polarfluke

League: Mid-High Master

Facebook page: Deviation Gaming

Official website: Deviation Gaming

Online StarCraft II Profile: Battle.net


Last Updated: February 28, 2013

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