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StarCraft II Profile: Travis “Shase” Weedon

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Alright chaps, straight to the point then, today’s StarCraft II profile is all about Travis “Shase” Weedon – a very familiar name in our StarCraft II community. He’s been kicking ass and taking names in eSports for years, is a man of very few words but a hell of a lot of first places.

Weedon will be one of the hand picked competing in the StarCraft 2 Invitational hosted by Megarom and Internet Solutions, which is currently looking for two shoutcasters to pay a thousand bucks each for the event. Now, if you’re interested in that gig, or just want to watch a video of Darryn’s creative and hilarious attempt at shoutcasting, head on over to this lovely link, right here.

Travis Weedon

Biography: Travis Weedon likes long walks on the beach, dinner by candle light, lightning guns, and believes in aliens.

In-Game alias: Shase

Age: 26


Race: Terran

Team: Bravado Gaming

Sponsor: Roccat, Plugg

Years playing StarCraft: 3

Tournaments competed in: ESWC, WCG, lan2k, Do Gaming Championships, Do Gaming League, AGASA league, Mint Online Cup, Ultralisk league, FPPQQ, Megarom Exhibition Tournament, Realgaming, Polarfluke, Polarfluke: TenTenTen, Polarfluke: Overmind Over Matter, FugenIT: Devastation, Polarfluke: All-in, Polarfluke: Heavens Devils tournament



  • 1st place ESWC qualifier 2005 Warcraft 3
  • 1st place WCG qualifier 2005 Warcraft 3
  • 2nd place lan2k 2005 Warcraft 3
  • 1st place ESWC qualifier 2006 Warcraft 3
  • 2nd place Rage 2006 DOTA (team 0wn3d)
  • 1st place ESWC SA 2007 DOTA (team 0wn3d)
  • 2nd place Agasa Quake 3 tournament 2008
  • 3rd place Rage 2008 Quake3
  • 4th place (2nd place South African) Do Gaming Championships 2009 Quake3
  • 2nd place Mint Online Cup Quake Live
  • 2nd place Do Gaming Championships Quakelive 2010 individual tournament
  • Winner of 2010 2v2 shootout versus the pros (partnered with Stephen ‘Ph4ntom’ Cloete)

Starcraft 2

  • Tie 3rd Ultralisk League beta
  • 1st place FPPQQ tournament beta
  • 2nd place FPPQQ#2 tournament beta
  • 1st place Megarom Exhibition Tournament
  • 2nd place Polarfluke: Released Tournament
  • 2nd place Polarfluke: Heavens Devils tournament
  • 1st place Polarfluke: TenTenTen tournament
  • 1st place polarfluke: Overmind Over Matter tournament
  • 1st place FugenIT: Devastation Tournament December 2010
  • 1st place Polarfluke: All-in
  • 1st place Polarfluke: Love is in the Auir – Protoss
  • 1st Place Do Gaming Online Championships – Protoss
  • Various top 4 finishes in 2011 Polarfluke online tournaments
  • 3rd Place Realgaming StarCraft 2 tournament 2011
  • 1st Place Do Gaming StarCraft 2 Championships 2011
  • 2nd Place Do Gaming StarCraft 2 Championships 2012

League: Master

Facebook page: Bravado Gaming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bravadogaming

Official website: Bravado Gaming

Youtube channel: Bravado Gaming

Online StarCraft II Profile: Battle.net


Last Updated: March 4, 2013


  1. PandaFan

    March 4, 2013 at 16:36

    Always lovely seeing Shase coming 2nd to PandaTank


  2. Verrayne

    March 5, 2013 at 08:27

    I still remember our Warcraft 3 matches on Reason (Raven later on). I hated Shase’s huntresses…


  3. Hells Hound

    March 8, 2013 at 15:23

    Best of luck to Shase


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