Stasis: Greenlit and Kickstarted, but it still needs your support

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If you haven’t heard of locally made, crowd-funded point-and-click game Stasis by now, you’re either living under a rock, or you should be. It’s a 2D, isometric point and click adventure that marries a Ridley Scott-esque aesthetic and story to The Dig-like mechanics – which should already tell you that it’s awesome. 

Just this week the game hit its $100 000 Kickstart target, so it’s definitely getting made. Yesterday, in a reddit AMA game designer Chris Bischoff also confirmed the title’s been Greenlit for distribution on Steam .

It’s now got around 50 hours left of its Kickstarter campaign, with a number of stretch goals still to be met. As of writing, the game’s raised $111,755 in backer money, but at $120 000 backers will be getting an extended soundtrack by Mark Morgan – who scored games like Fallout, Fallout 2 and the unfortunately nearly forgotten Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

If Bischhoff manages to raise $140 000, he’ll ad a prequel chapter to the game, explaining the Cayne Corporation. 

Take a look, and remember the game is playable right now in alpha form – which you can download and play here.

Last Updated: December 5, 2013

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