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The Steam Sale is rumoured to kick off on June 22 this year

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It’s growing. You’ve created something which knows no mercy, is tireless in its pursuit of your wallet and will never ever stop its hunt for more games to grow even larger. WHAT HAS SCIENCE CREATED?

The Steam sale, that’s what.

Just when you thought that you might have a chance of finally capping your Steam backlog once and for all, you hear a knock at the door and see Gabe Newell’s smiling face through the peephole. “It’s time” he whispers, as you tearfully surrender to the inevitable. Yup, another Steam is on its way, with current rumours pegging a late June start.

June 22 to July 5 to be exact, according to the leakage that was stepped on at reddit (via PCGamesN):

Steam sale 2017

So how legit is this? The date for the event lines up with previous Steam sales, give or take a week here and there over the years. As PCGamesN also pointed out, the leak could have come from a user who happens to be in the Steam Developer group where such private information is made available ahead of time so that studios and publishers can prepare for a price-slashing. Said person is most likely also going to get a price bash on their kneecaps if Steam ever figures out their true identity because Non-Disclosure Agreements usually have clauses like that written into them.

Well, the ones I’ve signed anyway. Anyway, sounds legit! Dates may change in the run-up, but a Steam Sale right after E3 has everyone excited for the year ahead? That’s a pretty smart move.

Last Updated: May 15, 2017

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