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Steelrising is the next game from Greedfall studio Spiders, a French robot revolution

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If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in life, it’s that you don’t mess with the French. The maddest of nations and the leading experts in getting results via le riot, the French have a modern day history in staging revolutions that actually got results. That’s a topic which will be the focus for the next game from Spiders, the studio which whipped up the devilishly brilliant Greedfall last year.

An action RPG set in an alternate timeline where the royals told the angry working class to go eat cogs, Steelrising has a neat twist to its plot. King Louis XVI may have an army of anarchy-busting automatons ready to lay the clockwork smackdown on the French people demanding justice and equality, but that’s where you come into play as Aegis, a former bodyguard robot who’ll fight back against the French monarchy’s legion of robots.

Here’s the first trailer for the game and cliff notes on what you can expect from it:


In Steelrising, you play as Aegis, a robot in female form, a masterpiece that serves as a bodyguard to Queen Marie-Antoinette, to put an end to the massacres carried out by the robot army of King Louis XVI, who seems to have gone mad while trying to suppress the nascent revolution by unleashing an army of out-of-control robots.

In this version of Paris, you find well-known monuments and others that don’t exist anymore. We recreated the Grand Chatelet, for example, and the Tour du Temple—the kind of places that characterize the period. What would have happened if Louis XVI had been a tyrant and could indulge his passion for machines and automatons to crack down on the revolution in its early stages?

According to Spiders, Steelrising will emphasise vertical exploration, with Aegis able to augment her robot shell with the neatest of unlockables found from diving around on rooftops and secret areas:

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We wanted to add more verticality to exploration, so when you move around the Parisian streets, you don’t just stay at ground level. And to move from fight to fight, we wanted to really exploit other types of movement: climb up on a balcony, discover a secret passage to another location—that kind of thing.

To avoid the harsh transition found in many games when you’re exploring, when you’re like, “Oh, a fight,” and it’s a sudden change of pace and type of game, we wanted everything to be tied together more fluidly.

Aegis has weapons integrated into her body because she’s a robot, so it’s pretty handy. With each time you find while exploring, you can choose to maker her more powerful, more mobile, and more durable. We have created more than seven weapons, which are actually families of weapons because you can find many more as you progress through the game, and each one has its own unique characteristics.

The weapons range from ones on your arms for very light combat, to alchemical rifles for long-range attacks and much heavier weapons you can use to flatten your enemies with maximum force. I think many players will start off thinking, “OK, I’ll fight, take on these monsters and find the best strategy.” And what I hope, if I’ve done my job properly, is that they will end up getting immersed in this world.

In addition to that, Spiders says that various side quests will “enhance the world,” and also allow players to power up in the process.

Last Updated: July 8, 2020

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