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Oh Warcraft III! You taught me all about the importance of heroes and even fathered the mod that would go on to be my biggest gaming addiction. Do you all remember that original campaign? I recall cleaning up town as Arthas before I was attacked by an abomination, that absolutely disgusting pile of walking corpses. It was a scary unit that went on to become Pudge in Dota. Blizzard have taken the vile creature and given it a whole new identity in Heroes of the Storm. Say hello to Stitches the abomination.

Blizzard are slowly but surely releasing introduction trailers for the whole cast in their upcoming MOBA. Stitches isn’t exactly new, but his character trailer is.

As you can see, he is similar to Pudge in the sense that he has a hook and has AOE damage which slows and damages the enemy. What differentiates him though, are his talents. He can be skilled to have a longer hook, as well as hook two targets simultaneously. There are loads of other nifty tricks to make him that tanking and ganking nightmare that people fear. I will cover most of the important info in a character spotlight in the near future.

Heroes of the Storm is shaping up to be a real contender in the MOBA market. Are you excited for the game?

Last Updated: August 6, 2014

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