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Story and gameplay in Bound by Flame launch trailer

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Bound by Flame is one of those games that could go either way. As a sprawling B-tier RPG with the scope – but without the budget – of AAA titles it’ll likely lack the polish you expect from full-priced retail games. It could, however, make up for that with heart.

Here’s its launch trailer.

“Your human/demon duality will have a notable impact not only on your approach to the extremely tactical combat in the game, but also on the reaction of the people around you, particularly your relationship with your companions,” says the included marketing fluff. “It is therefore a central component in Bound by Flame that will influence your game experience depending on your choices and also assure gameplay longevity: players who want to try every possible way of progressing through the adventure are sure to start the game again to make totally different decisions from the first time!“

It’s out on Friday for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s pretty damned ambitious stuff from Spiders – though this sort of thing is certainly in their wheelhouse. Spiders was formed by veterans responsible for the Silverfall games. Their last game, cyberpunk action RPG Mars: War Logs showed promise..but ultimately had too many shortcomings to make it stand out. Let’s hope that’s not the case with Bound by Flame.

It’s a budget title, retailing on Steam for $39.99. the console versions, however, seem to cost full retail price. It’s £42 on Amazon.co.uk, which equates to an eye-watering R741.40, though UK’s GAME has it for a much more palatable 35 squid. Locally, you can pre-order it for R669 on PS4 or R535 for the last-gen versions.

Last Updated: May 5, 2014

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