Street Fighter V doesn’t play well below 60FPS on PC

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Street Fighter V on PC has to be at 60FPS

Street Fighter V is out today, and despite my insistence that the inclusion of Dhalsim should automatically mean a perfect score, Geoff disagreed with me in his review. Despite that it seems that Capcom has produced (mechanically) a really top-class fighting game, which you can only get on PS4 when it comes to consoles. Thankfully it’s also on PC (with cross-platform play), but you’re going to need to make extra sure your hardware will be able to keep up.

Digital Foundry have dived deep into Street Fighter V on PC and discovered a few very alarming features. Since it’s a fighter, the need to run the game at 60FPS should be a given, but it would previously be safe to assume that any dropped frames would just cause jitter- and not actually slow the entire game down. That’s not the case with Street Fighter V though, with the game and its animations being tied directly to the framerate for a smooth presentation at 60FPS.

At half of that, the game is effectively running in slow motion, as can be seen below with a GTX 750Ti.

Street Fighter V also seems to be greedy with GPU power despite being a (albeit gorgeous) 2(ish)D fighter, leaning heavily on memory usage and clock speeds. The GTX 950, for example, had to tune down settings drastically to maintain a locked 60FPS, which really doesn’t do the game justice next to the PS4 version. But if you manage to max it out, Street Fighter V on PC is certainly the prettier of the two – especially with those higher resolution textures.

But it’s something to really keep in mind if you’re planning on playing Street Fighter V optimally at all. The game needs a locked 60FPS, so if you’re unsure you PC can pull that off you’re far better going with the PS4 version. It’s out today.

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Last Updated: February 16, 2016

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