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Street Fighter V will hand out “severe” punishment to rage-quitters

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The beauty of gaming today is that our massively connected world has allowed us to compete with players across an international stage. Whether its Russians hurling obscenities and telling you to cyka their blyat in DOTA 2 or Call of Duty turning any nationality into a group of foul-mouthed children who confuse curse words for adjectives, the gates are open for everyone.

But it’s also now meant that a more irritating type of gamer has risen: The rage-quitter. They’re the type of player who would kick the Checkers board over when faced with a losing game, rather than play it to through to the finish. Annoying and unpredictable, you’ll find plenty of rage-quitters lurking around Street Fighter V, ready to throw in the towel and a few expletives rather than lose yet another match in their mind.

And Capcom says that it has plans to serve up “severe” punishments for the “worst offenders.”

“Yes, we are well aware of the problem of players disconnecting before the match ends to retain their League Points and their win streaks,” Capcom said on its Unity blog. “Thanks to all of the players who have brought this to our attention.

We are working on a permanent solution to this problem, though we don’t have an exact date to share with you at the moment. That said, we are going to take direct action starting next week to punish those players who are abusing the system.

We will follow up with more details next week, but [for now], please record every instance of rage-quitting you encounter. The best way to do this is to use the Share function on the PlayStation 4 after the match has concluded, though any video evidence will suffice (Twitch archives, local recordings etc.).

Aside from that, Capcom mentioned that Street Fighter V is “working as intended”. Unless you’re in certain parts of Europe, the Middle East and “various other regions” that is. Capcom explained that it has made “several improvements” recently that should speed up the waiting time in the lobby for “many users” in those troubled fighting game regions:

We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates when additional improvements are made.

Street Fighter V launched earlier this month, and while it certainly isn’t bad at all, it very much does feel like a platform for content that is yet to be finished.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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