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Street Fighter X Tekken introduces the Pandora mode

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The collaboration between Capcom and Namco is looking sweeter all the time, with Tokyo Game Show reveals showing that characters such as Zangief, Rolento, Lili and Heohachi Mishima will be available as playable characters.

And while the action looks like a tried and tested mix of familiar gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals, Street Fighter X Tekken is obviously going to need a little something extra to stand apart, and that’s where the new Pandora mode comes into play.

If you’re dreading the idea that attacks can be amplified with tag assists from 10 foot tall Smurfs, don’t worry, because Pandora mode serves more as a last minute way to gain the edge in a fight when things are looking grim.

Speaking to Joystiq at TGS, Capcom’s Seth Killian explained how the system works, and that there was even a valid reason for it being in the game, as it formed part of the storyline. When your character has a health bar of less than 25% full, players can then sacrifice that fighter to boost their tag partners EX meter, giving them an infinite bar that lasts eight seconds, but the catch is, that your character will die after the time is up.

“(The characters) basically sacrifice themselves to the pandora box, which loves fighting, and which has brought the Tekken and Street Fighter universes together”, Killian said. Unlike other “desperation” moves in fighting genre games Killian explained, the Pandora mechanic will put anyone who uses it at a “massive disadvantage”, meaning that it really should only be used as a last minute resort.

Pull it off correctly, and the match is yours, but it looks like this will be an attack that will take a lot of practice to perfect.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: September 17, 2011

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