Success in getting a cracked disc replaced – Xbox 360

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So even after getting confirmation from Microsoft that South Africa is covered it seems there is still confusion over the Disc Replacement Policy for the Xbox 360.

One of my readers was kind enough to send me through an email this morning detailing his attempt at getting his Gears of War disc replaced…

After his Gears of War disc was cracked he contacted Xbox support who told him that South Africa is not covered under this policy. Not to be dettered he put the disc and his completed form into an envelope and shipped it off to Xbox…

A couple of weeks later and he gets a notification that a package is waiting for him.

Inside his package is a Gears of War disc with a large yellow banner on the cover stating “BUNDLE COPY NOT FOR RESALE” and a letter inside.

Dear Customer

We do not exchange for South Africa, but I have sent you a replacement anyway at no charge.

So even though they think we are not covered they replaced it anyway and he didn’t have to pay a cent…

It does worry me though that they are still not sure if we are covered or not… Hopefully anyone else who uses this policy will get the same result…

Last Updated: May 25, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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