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Super Mario Crossover 2 is the best thing on the internet

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Nearly two years ago, we told you about Super Mario Crossover, the wonderful flash-based browser games that’s a beautiful retro kick-in-the-nuts; a glorious mash-up of Nintendo games that had you playing through the first Super Mario Bros game’s levels with Simon Belmont, Link, Samus, Mega Man, and Bill – all playing as they would in their respective games.

It’s just gotten a whole lot better.

Unleashed on the internet last week, Super Mario Crossover 2.0 has more characters, more levels and more tear-inducing nostalgia in the form of both 8 and 16-bit graphics – with a little Gameboy  thrown in for good measure.

The characters include Super Mario Bros.’ Mario and Luigi; Legend of Zelda’s Link; Metroid’s Samus; Castlevania’s Simon Belmont; Mega Man and Bass from the Mega Man series; Contra’s Bill Rizer, Ryu from Ninja Gaiden  and Balster Master’s Sophia the 3rd — all with alternate skins, and character-appropriate special abilities.

It’s pretty damned magical.

Also, because it runs in your browser, you can play this right now…because who wants to work on a Monday afternoon anyway?

You can play Super Mario Crossover 2.0 here.

Last Updated: February 13, 2012

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