Super Smash Bros info leaker busted?

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Over the past two weeks or so, somebody has been leaking a wealth of information on Nintendo’s upcoming Super Smash Bros.  Previously unrevealed characters have been shown off; in fact, just about the entire roster has been leaked. Nintendo’s been trickling this information out so, as you can understand, they’re rather unhappy.

Leakers revealed that, at least in the 3ds version, we’d be seeing the dog from Duck Hunt, Shulk from Xenoblade Chronicles, Bowser Jr, and Ganondorf join the battle. Bowser Jr. seems the most interesting, as he uses his flying clown-copter as his primary offensive and defensive weapon.

The video evidence has now all been removed from YouTube, but here’s a pretty good video showing everything that’s been leaked.

The thing is, this leak could only have come from the inside – and according to rumours, that leaker has not only been found out – but was found to be a Nintendo employee. Or rather, an ex-employee.

According to GoNintendo, the leaker is now in a spot of bother. Here’s what their sources say:

  • Nintendo have identified the leaker
  • the leaker has been fired and is being sued.
  • he was an employee of NoA who was sending materials to the ESRB
  • the leaker still has a copy of the Smash Bros 3DS game in his possession
  • he also has one of the 3DS systems used for internal ratings

If this is true, that’s quite a punishment for uploading pictures and videos of an unreleased game to the internet – but well within Nintendo’s means, and rights, I just don’t get why people would leak this sort of stuff to begin with; is the fleeting moment of internet notoriety worth the consequence?

What do you think? If true, is Nintendo being a bit heavy handed – or is the leaker getting his just desserts?

Last Updated: August 26, 2014

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