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Super Street Fighter IV Johannesburg Street Elite Tournament – Report and Results

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The South African Street Fighter IV community is alive and kicking and thanks to the efforts of Malcolm van Schalkwyk, a great meet and tournament was organised on the 20th of November.

While there was a tournament organised for the day, the event’s real purpose was to get the local community together to share their passion for the game, as well as discuss new techniques and learn from each other.

The event was a great success and I hope that it serves as inspiration to any other local communities who share a passion to get organise get-togethers like this in future.

Hit the jump for the full report as well as pics and results from the tournament.

Here is the full report of the report as sent to me by organizer Malcom van Schalkwyk:

It was a great improvement on the 1st meet which only consisted of 12 players which we held in September and that was only for a meet and greet event and casuals.

(The photographs) Don’t really do justice to the amount of guys that attended because we had close to 45 people playing casuals and 32 that entered into the tournament.

The venue was in JHB South at the Meyersdal Action Cricket arena which is owned by Mr. Martin White and my wife Melissa van Schalkwyk runs things there as she is the Sports Co-ordinator for the region. She got sponsors for us from BT Games, Red Square, Nino’s Restaurant and Model Bottle Store, and if you could give a mention to Michelle from BT for the prizes on the short notice, we appreciated that. [ I totally just did – editor ]

We had in total 6 systems accommodating all the play with 4 stations still unused for the day and space for many more. A lot of skilled players came from all over, PTA, Randburg, Lenasia and even Durban. We had Xbox and PS3 stations going but more PS3 ones as the majority players were PS3.

The top 8 in the winners bracket were as such:

  • Rath1976
  • Monk Jag
  • Poddle
  • Astro
  • Patrick
  • Genoside
  • D$

The guys voted Rath ( Rog / Abel ) and Monk ( Dudley ) battle the best for the day as it really went down to the wire with some great skills by both players. 2 games a piece, 1 round each in the final match and Rath clinching it with no health left. Monk was sent to losers where he played Poddle who got sent to losers by Jag. Monk and Poddle also had a great battle with Poddle ( Viper ) just not coming to grips with the links on the PS3 as we are XBOX players. But Monk also switched to using Cody which paid off to be a good move. Rath played Jag in the winners final and sent him to losers. Rath used Blanka to his advantage to capitalise on mistakes.Jag is a very skilled Gen and Guile player which he showed in his matcup with Poddle as well.

Jag played Monk in the losers final and Jag prevailed to face Rath again in the main final. Rath switched to Abel and came out tops beating Jag 3 – 0 to win it.

All in all very successful turnout and glad we got to meet all the guys and see their skills.

Things ended up like this for the top 8:



Monk – 3rd, Combo-Fiend Award and Best Game of the Day Award (with Rath1976)

Poddle – 4th and Best Comeback Award

Astro – 5th and Best New Comer Award

Patrick – 6th and also Best New Comer Award and most impressive showing because he played a lot of good players in his draw   



[Here are few pics taken from the event.]

image001.jpg image002.jpg image003.jpg image004.jpg image005.jpg

Last Updated: November 30, 2010


  1. thats super cool i’m not sure if there is still a gaming station shop in claremont but i think we need to arrange with them for a tournament as they have the perfect venue and setup for about 35 systems and screens setup already so potentially could host about 70 people


  2. Krypty

    November 30, 2010 at 14:21

    Nice guys, come on Poddle!!!


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