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Surgeon Simulator 2 receives a new gameplay trailer and it looks like utter chaos

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Surgeon Simulator continues to be one of the most enjoyable games to either play with friends or watch on stream. I remember, when I was but a wee lad, watching Pewdiepie himself playing Surgeon Simulator and cackling with glee at how ridiculous it all was. Yet now that I’ve aged and my tastes have matured, I’d rather just play Surgeon Simulator and not have Pewdiepie ruin the experience for me. So it was with great mirth in my heart that I sat down to visually receive the glory of the Surgeon Simulator 2 trailer, and it looks fantastic.

The trailer not only shows of the new setting of mid-century England but gives us a better look at one of the appealing draws of the sequel: Four player co-op! Sure, it’s neat having to saw off limbs and bones with a hand-saw rather than all those fancy new tools modern day surgeons are blessed with, but doing that with three friends? Now that sounds like Christmas to me. It’s also made clear that it’s not just chest cavities we’ll be rummaging around in, although whatever other parts of the patient can be sliced into remains a bit of a mystery. It’s clear that you can slice off limbs, at least.


Moreover, Bossa Studios have confirmed that Surgeon Simulator 2 will launch with the Bossa Labs Creation Mode, a tool for players to create their own levels and situations together with the three people you’ll be tackling them with, which is actually a super cool idea for player-driven creativity! You can pre-order Surgeon Simulator 2 on The Epic Games Store now as the game will be launching in August of this year.

Last Updated: June 23, 2020

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