Surprise! Fable III DLC is on its way

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Peter Molyneux’s RPG-Royalty-Simulator game, Fable III, is about to get a whole lot of DLC to suit numerous budgets. If you’ve shot, zapped and hacked your way through Albion to crown yourself king (or queen!) and you feel the need for something new to expand your royal conquests, then you’re in luck.

There are five lots of DLC on the way ranging from exciting additional quests and entirely new regions, to dull dye packs that really should just have been in the game to begin with; you know, considering that there are three empty spaces on your dye shelf anyway. Boo!

The additional quests and new region come with the Understone Quest Pack. According to the official release, the quests all take place in an underground city built underneath Bowerstone. This new town was built by one Montague Hummes, because he was afraid of what the Spire would do to civilisation during the events of Fable II.

The Understone Quest Pack will include one main quest entitled “The Voice” which culminates in one of those tricky morality choices. Included in the pack is a new enemy unique to Undertone, the Shooting Range in the Mercenary Village as well as The Wheel of Misfortune arena challenge. Both the Shooting Range and arena challenge have prizes for top scores, but you’ll automatically get access to two of the six prizes: the Marksman 500 and the Full Monty. The former is probably a unique firearm and the latter is anybody’s guess. This quest pack will set you back 400 Microsoft Points, which isn’t that bad really.

Aside from the Understone Quest Pack, for 80 Microsoft Points you can get the aforementioned Dye Pack which adds black, hot pink and turquoise. Alternatively you can blow 80 Microsoft Points on a 5 Star Dog Potion which automatically boosts your pup’s skills to the maximum the moment you administer it.

For 160 Microsoft Points you can pick up the Reaver Industries Hero Outfit or for the same price you can buy the Exclusive Hair Pack that unlocks corn rows, an afro and a bob style.

On their own, these smaller DLC offerings are a little boring, but together? Well, now there’s some potential! A hot pink afro, anyone? You have until 24 November to make up your mind as that’s when this all arrives on Xbox Live; hopefully our local Xbox Live as well.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: November 16, 2010

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