Surprise surprise Microsoft defends it’s Kinect pricing

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As much as I love StarCraft it is annoying that it has completely decimated the gaming news world and we are now left with nothing but scraps to post.

Today’s first riveting post comes from Brett Siddons at Microsoft UK who has come out to defend the price of the Kinect by stating that while 130 Pound is more expensive than the PS Move’s pricing we need to remember that it comes bundled with a free game and that’s all we ever need to pay.

You don’t need to spend anymore on extra controllers for multiplayer or an added PS Eye. After picking up the Kinect you are set for multiplayer motion controlled gaming.

While I agree with him entirely and feel that $150 is not overly expensive I feel Microsoft has truly missed an opportunity to decimate the opposition in the motion controlled environment with the pricing, they should have rather ensured they could have gotten the device out of the door for under $100 and then the Internet would have been singing their praises and the sales would have been through the roof.

Either way I still expect them to take it home this holiday season unless Sony or Nintendo have something special up their sleeve.

Source: VG247

PS: 10 points if you can identify the 4 South African’s in the header image

Last Updated: July 29, 2010

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